The Healthcare Hub

Building Community and Connections as an Industry Advocate

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Summit is designed and built around shared learning and collaboration to continue driving down cost in the healthcare industry. The lion’s share of sessions are led by industry leaders sharing their experience, challenges and successes. Time and again, an attendee’s story begins with, “At Summit last year we began talking about how we could work together to find a solution” because solving the challenges of the industry doesn’t lie with just one side.

With over 800 in attendance and back-to-back sessions, it would be easy to miss that the person sitting across from you at breakfast has a wealth of experience in that one thing your organization is in planning stages for right now. Finding the right person within an organization to resolve an issue is another common challenge for both providers and suppliers.

The industry challenges are shared, but also are the opportunities to overcome the obstacles both new and enduring. This past Summit, we launched a new program with the idea to encourage conversations and expand networks in the in-between spaces—like at breakfast or even riding an elevator—knowing these connections are invaluable for support long after the event. We can achieve more when we can leverage each other’s experience.  

We kicked off this initiative with 19 committed healthcare advocates bringing a broad range of experience. Throughout the event they wore Industry Advocate badges that displayed their area of expertise across the supply chain including pricing alignment, EDI utilization, e-payments, clinical value analysis, monetizing distribution, improving active service and veteran care and more. The members of the inaugural team were delighted by the interaction with guests asking about their badge, initiating great conversations and making new connections. Over the coming months, we will introduce you to some of the first Industry Advocates here in the Healthcare Hub.

No one defined point of connection is most important, but the multiple opportunities for stakeholders to connect and collaborate lifts the entire industry. We’ll keep moving on our mission uniting the best of healthcare.

Watch this short video with commentary from a few of our industry advocates.