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WATCH ON-DEMAND: Doing More with Less: Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency in the Age of High Turnover

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Employee turnover in healthcare is affecting everyone from senior executives to front-end clinicians, resulting in staffing shortages, decision delays and, ultimately, poorer patient outcomes. How can supply chain teams keep up and continue delivering speed to value for their health system in the face of these mounting challenges?


During this panel discussion, supply chain, value analysis and strategic sourcing experts describe how, with just a few tweaks to your internal processes and a solid understanding of tactical prioritization and delegation, you can help cultivate a clinically integrated supply chain that enables you to make faster decisions and do more with less, all while ensuring alignment with hospital leaders and clinicians.  

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to identify the gaps in your current processes and act on those gaps
  • Learn how to leverage existing relationships with suppliers and clinicians to make faster, better decisions
  • Discover how to include physicians and clinicians early in the process to foster buy-in