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GDSN MR3 Update Met Through GHX Health ConneXion℠

posted by: Bill Brewer, Manager, GHX Product Manager
Friday, June 10, 2016

The GDSN Major Release 3 updates GDSN to better meet today’s regulatory and digital requirements. Developments such as the FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) rule and the European EU1169 mandate make it necessary for changes in GDSN. With the release roll out in May 2016, questions have been raised about how this impacts GHX and our clients. The news is good! You are covered as a Health ConneXion℠ subscriber – and this release is good for the healthcare community too.

Major Release 3 Supports the Healthcare Community

GDSN Major Release 3 improves product information sharing and data synchronization to GDSN standards. MR3 will provide flexibility and better support for regulatory directives, as well as increased efficiency for data sharing. The changes are targeted to support new attributes and restructuring of existing attributes to align with business needs. 

Over 1500 changes will be added to increase functionality to the GDSN standards and to facilitate responsiveness. Updates such as expanded capabilities for business requirements, additional attributes and new code values, change requests, new validations and more, provide the flexibility needed to support new regulations across industries. And, while MR3 is designed to bring flexibility to all business sectors, it provides important benefits to support the healthcare community by the creation of healthcare-specific data models simplifying the use of attributes.  

GHX has proven the value of quality data and connectivity with our technology solutions. Health ConneXion is just another example of how we will continue to provide solutions to keep your world simple, as the rest of the world becomes more complicated.