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You May Ask Yourself: Why the Healthcare Supply Chain Summit?

posted by: Cheryl Flury
Thursday, May 9, 2013

Of course, we at GHX look forward to the Healthcare Supply Chain Summit each year, and the opportunity to bring together the various trading partners within the healthcare community to discuss the urgent topics of the day and learn from one another. What makes us feel especially great about the Summit is hearing from attendees about why they make it a “must attend” event each year.

Leading up to this year’s event (taking place May 20-22 in Las Vegas … shameless plug!), we reached out to some of the members of our Supply Chain Summit Advisory Board to ask why they participate in the Summit, what they have learned in the past and what they look forward to discussing this year. Here is what a few had to say:

“Today’s supply chain leader faces more day to day pressure than ever before. We’re pressed to identify savings opportunities for our organizations; and more importantly to turn them into realized savings. We’re under pressure to lead key initiatives such as value analysis programs; standardization and utilization efforts and physician alignment strategies. I can’t think of all the answers on my own, but the good news is there’s a lot of smart people in healthcare supply chain and many of them will be presenting at the 2013 GHX Supply Chain Summit. I’ll be attending to find potential solutions that will help relieve some of the day to day pressure.” - Alan Edwards, CMRP, regional director supply chain, Adventist Health System

“The GHX Supply Chain Summit consistently ranks as one of the most compelling events of the year for me. I always discover the latest trends that are most important to my best customers. It’s great to meet so many dedicated professionals from other organizations all striving for the same critical goal:  healthcare supply chain efficiency.” - Corwin Hee, director, information systems, global shared services, Covidien (Twitter - @ChoiceInSurgery)“The GHX Supply Chain Summit provides a superb platform and a broad perspective for discussing and exchanging ideas among the leaders of our industry. We owe it to ourselves and the patients we serve to find ways to improve our services and reduce cost of healthcare. I believe that this forum affords us all a great opportunity to do this. The programs presented facilitate and encourage the discussion and debate that is essential for manufacturers and providers to find new ways to build the bridges that are prerequisite to the reformation of modern healthcare.” - Dale Locklair, vice president, procurement & construction, McLeod Health (Twitter - @McLeodHealth)

“Attendees at this year’s Summit are going to get exposed to concrete examples of innovative changes in supply chain that result in improved financial performance and maintain the highest standards in clinical outcomes. In today’s healthcare environment, ‘cost’ is certainly one dimension of quality that continues to be important to providers and suppliers. Sustainability in healthcare systems can be supported by quality measures that link to improved outcomes. Lowering cost by introducing automation, improving the quality of decision-supporting information and reducing duplication results in improved financial performance increases access to care, and supports growth in innovation."

“The Summit provides a forum for networking, the opportunity to learn about successful supply chain innovation and explore and develop collaborative opportunities resulting in health system improvement. ‘Takeaways’ for attendees from the Summit are often examples of supply chain innovation and efficiency presented by industry leaders with proven track records that can be applied by others to achieve the same levels of success in their own organizations.” - John Martin, director of hospital services, Queensway Carleton Hospital

Interested in experiencing for yourself? There’s still time to register, or if you can’t make it to Las Vegas, make sure to monitor the Healthcare Hub and @GHX_LLC on Twitter during the week of May 20 for updates straight from the Summit.