Single Channel 845

Leverage the GHX community to streamline product price changes

With thousands of product price changes occurring daily, healthcare manufacturers and distributors spend an enormous amount of time and money on manual price management. Now you can take charge of these changes by automating the contract price notification process with the GHX Single Channel 845 solution. By enabling manufacturers and distributors to get aligned on price, it helps you quickly make pricing updates (which can currently take 3-6 months!) and reduce discrepancies.

Stay up-to-date on contract pricing

The Single Channel 845 solution provides a standardized format for sending and receiving contract price notifications. Manufacturers can send updated pricing in their preferred format (i.e., EDI, CSV, etc.) and distributors can receive it in their preferred format (i.e., EDI, CSV, etc.). Price notifications can be sent whenever the manufacturer changes the price or when there is a change in a provider’s eligibility for that price.


  • Automated contract price notifications to authorized distributors
  • Standardized format for sending and receiving up-to-date contract pricing
  • Seamless updates to your trading partners' systems
  • Portal for non-integrated users to send / receive price updates
  • Format to transact with trading partners through a single map or portal


  • Reduce manual work for time and cost savings
  • Drive revenue and market share growth for product sold through distributors
  • Reduce administrative time focused on pricing discrepancies
  • Improve financial reporting accuracy
  • Simplify price implementation and achieve benefits faster through a single channel solution