Welcome to the Collaboration Portal resources page for Premier partners. Here you'll find everything you need to know about the move from Premier's Supply Chain Advisor to GHX's Collaboration Portal.

Bookmark this page to get updates and announcements around this initiative, access helpful information and learn which suppliers are already on board. Suppliers began migrating from Supply Chain Advisor to the Collaboration Portal in February 2016.

We look forward to working with you as we build a single contracting platform for the entire healthcare industry!

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With GHX Collaboration Portal, the entire healthcare supply chain – manufacturers, distributors, providers and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) – can utilize a single software application to work collaboratively throughout the contract and price implementation process. Rather than manage a cumbersome set of manual steps to negotiate contracts and disseminate tier eligibility, you can streamline the process for all parties. The application offers a collaborative workflow that includes approving letters of commitment (LOC) and letters of participation (LOP), proactive alerts, detailed history, eligibility confirmation and tier synchronization.

Yes, you can use GHX Collaboration Portal even if you don't transact through the GHX Exchange.

The solution enables suppliers who operate in a distribution model to send and receive eligibility and charge back information electronically. Distributors receive data in a standardized, automated document they can load into their system, reducing the time it takes to load pricing for a given member (results have shown from 45-180 days to less than a week). Distributors will also have visibility into price activation details such as effective dates and eligible members for approved price activations.

Using Collaboration Portal for suppliers is very straightforward. When a GPO has completed sourcing a contract, suppliers may approve the final contract. When a provider elects a tier on an offer, the supplier is notified. Available actions for the supplier are to approve, reject or counter the offer.

Onboarding and training a supplier typically takes 2 - 3 weeks.

Other than a resource to provide organizational information (i.e., name, address, etc.) and user information (i.e., name, e-mail, role, etc.), no resources are required other than user training. As a cloud-based solution, GHX Collaboration Portal does not require any hardware purchases.

Pricing is based on sales volume with a particular GPO. Please contact your GHX Sales Representative for more information.

There is not a limit on the number of user accounts for a supplier and there are no charges based on the number of users.

Premier entered into a strategic partnership with GHX to create a solution to help reduce the administrative inefficiencies associated with contract negotiations, activations, executions and ongoing maintenance. GHX has a proven track record with HealthTrust Purchasing Group and ROi in building out a pricing activation system that automates pricing for distributors and suppliers. Premier believes in the value of an industry solution and the technology GHX already has built.

GHX can simplify processes for direct suppliers by translating the Premier entity code to supplier account number. Our goal is to give you the information you need in real time and in your language. GHX has servers located in nearly 5000 hospitals nationwide and assists providers today with updating their price files (within their materials system). GHX also allows suppliers to upload full account information for all customers, even those who are not transacting via EDI today. GHX is well positioned to help suppliers align pricing with hospitals in real time.

Yes, there is a nominal investment required to use GHX Collaboration Portal. GHX understands the importance of creating a contracting tool that provides value to suppliers. We are focused not only on moving healthcare to an industry solution, but also helping suppliers address specific pains in the contracting process.

Members are now migrating to GHX’s Collaboration Portal. Our first members migrated in February 2016 and other members who have signed for Collaboration Portal will be migrating throughout the remainder of 2016.

Simply contact your GHX Sales Representative to determine your pricing and sign a new statement of work. If you have different team members who will perform the Premier approvals, you will need to send that information to GHX so that we can set up those user accounts.


Learn how the GHX Collaboration Portal brings participants throughout the healthcare supply chain together in a single transparent collaborative environment. This video discusses the challenges of pricing alignment in healthcare and how Collaboration Portal helps eliminate unnecessary waste with a more effective way to manage healthcare contract pricing which can deliver real operational and financial benefits to all constituents in the healthcare supply chain.
Representatives from Cardinal Health (distributor), Premier (GPO), CareFusion (manufacturer), and Anne Arundel Medical Center (provider) tackle the challenges and opportunities of price alignment in this straightforward presentation of one healthcare’s most vexing industry-spanning problems.

Educational Materials

A quick overview of the Collaboration Portal story: the why, what, who and how.

Recorded Webinars

In this webinar, John Puckett, Director of Corporate Accounts at GHX, explains how using Collaboration Portal addresses common industry issues by aligning GPO roster and customer data for customer identification and tier assignment, consolidating contract and pricing processes via one, online multi-party solution, and automating data transfer between manufacturers and distributors to increase timeliness and price-loading accuracy.

News Releases

Jun 24 2013
Premier healthcare alliance and GHX announce their partnership to deliver new functionality to Premier members using the price activation portal.