Collaboration Portal

Say Goodbye to Labor-intensive Contract Processes

Negotiating and communicating contract offers typically involve a cumbersome set of manual steps. GHX Collaboration Portal helps streamline this process for all parties through a central, neutral application with automatic alerts and ongoing communications. Suppliers using Collaboration Portal gain efficiencies in operationalizing GPO contracts, allowing them to drive value from the contract itself rather than spend time administering the contract.


  • Single, neutral portal offering a single process for price activations
  • Tools for publishing, reviewing and approving contracts
  • Electronic tracking at all points in the contract process
  • Flexible searching, sorting and status-based views
  • Real-time, continuous pricing alignment


  • Align manufacturer and distributor account information with GPO roster data
  • Get visibility into contract activation status
  • Speed price activation process
  • Reduce time and labor associated with administering contracts
  • Help eliminate inaccurate purchase orders and disputed invoices
  • Reduce discrepancy resolution time
  • Automate delivery of contract eligibility to distributors
  • Reduce time spent processing chargeback/rebate requests

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Collaboration Portal
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