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You Want Your Market Strategy to Be Driven By Data — Not Best Guesses

Do you know where you stand in the market? Do you know how your products are performing against your competitors? What are the specific product trends in medical supplies and devices? When you’re developing go-to-market strategies, you need accurate market information to attain insights into trends around market, company and product dynamics.

Market Intelligence

Matchless Data and Analytics

GHX Market Intelligence (MI) provides a clear picture of market penetration and insight into competitive performance with comprehensive data for your sales, whether distributed, direct or a combination.

With GHX MI you have access to aggregated sales data from multiple sources via a single data analytics user interface. Manufacturer product data delivered through distribution channels (distributed data) is obtained through an exclusive relationship with a major healthcare industry distributors’ association, representing the only source for detailed, geographically relevant competitive market data and average selling price (ASP) reporting. Manufacturer product data delivered directly to the hospital/clinic (direct data) is captured through the GHX network of hospitals that provide purchase order transaction data.

Features & Benefits

  • Identify macro and micro trends in market size, market share and competitive intelligence
  • Build targeted marketing programs and campaigns to achieve better return on your marketing strategy and investments
  • Gain insight for new product opportunities and potential or active mergers and acquisition scenarios
  • Interact with data via leading web-based data analytics and reporting solution
  • Perform standard and custom reporting on a wide range of market segments
  • Gain national visibility into detailed product/SKU data; state and three-digit ZIP code for distributed data
  • Track sales force performance, using customized sales territory and reporting 

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Market Intelligence
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Greiner Bio-One drives successful sales performance, product management and marketing strategies with Market Intelligence
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