Save Money and Speed Payment

Just because your customers don’t have EDI capabilities doesn’t mean you can’t work with them electronically. GHX eInvoicing enables you to deliver invoices as PDF files via an online portal, alongside your existing EDI delivery, lowering the volume of paper invoices you send through traditional mail services. This not only reduces the time, cost and effort associated with invoicing, but provides better visibility and can help speed payment.

Boost AR performance and trading partner relationships

GHX eInvoicing helps you streamline accounts receivable processes, reduce outbound collection calls and inbound invoice inquiries, and lower days sales outstanding (DSOs). Plus, it can set you apart from the competition by offering benefits to your customers. They can reduce the amount of time and effort required to receive and process invoices, while gaining greater visibility to current and past invoices, shipment status, and payment status information.


  • Dedicated Web portal where non-EDI compliant customers can download invoices
  • Access to current and past invoices for you and your customers
  • Tracking capabilities, including shipment status of invoiced items
  • Captured proof-of-delivery information is presented along with payment status


  • Take advantage of electronic invoice delivery
  • Meet the needs of customers that cannot process EDI invoices
  • Help speed payment by reducing time spent researching delivery status
  • Increase collector efficiency by giving customers access to older or lost invoices

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Invoice and Payment Solution - Drive invoice efficiency and faster payment
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