Data Management: Operationalizing Best Practices and Driving Value from Data

Dina Walden Content Manager, Oregon Health & Science University

Sean Farley Director, Organizational Procurement, Virginia Mason Hospital & Medical Center

Carissa Granados Supervisor, SCM Systems, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Ashleigh E. Gross Supervisor, Supply Chain Analytics, Catholic Health

Oct 26 2017

Data, data, data! While many realize the benefits of clean, accurate and quality item data, few have been able to develop sustainable processes to maintain data day-to-day. In this webinar, learn how two leading organizations have created the processes (people, approach and procedures) to not only ensure clean data, but also to derive results and value. These organizations have realized that best-in-class data management doesn’t happen by accident. It isn’t just about purchasing the right tool — you must also have the people and supporting processes to achieve and maintain quality data. Discover actionable insights and takeaways that you can leverage to create value in your own organization.

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