GHXcellence Awards

GHXcellence Awards recognize supply chain leaders that are driving savings and efficiency for their organizations, their trading partners and the healthcare industry through automation and best practices.

U.S. Healthcare Supplier of the Year – Large Volume

GHX recognizes the top performing supplier with greater than $500M in transaction volume across the GHX Exchange.

The criteria below evaluates year-over-year improvement with a full year of volume.


  • Two consecutive years of membership on the GHX Exchange


  • Growth in number of:
    • PO lines processed through the Exchange
    • Invoice lines processed through the Exchange
    • Advanced shipping notice (ASN) lines processed through the Exchange
  • Discrepancy reduction year-over-year
  • Trading partner growth
  • Lowest average response time
  • GHX product utilization
  • Strategic execution – how use of GHX products and services and supply chain excellence helps achieve organizational objectives

2019 Winner: Boston Scientific Corporation

2019 - Boston Scientific Corporation
  • Boston Scientific is an incredibly efficient user of the GHX Exchange at every level, including ePay. The company is recognized by provider organizations for its high levels of customer service and ease of doing business.

  • Boston Scientific’s supply chain sophistication coupled with a very GHX-centric approach allows it to maximize its use of the Exchange and other GHX tools.  

  • The company is best in class in the industry for driving ePay adoption and for its low overall exception rates. It achieved strong transaction volume growth in 2019, including an 18 percent increase in gross total volume for invoices and 22 percent increase in integrated POs across the Exchange.
2018 - Johnson & Johnson
2018 Winner -
2017 - BD
2017 Winner -
2016 - Supplier of the Year - Large Volume
2016 Winner -
Boston Scientific
2015 - Supplier of the Year - Large Volume
2015 Winner -
St. Jude Medical
U.S. Healthcare Supplier of the Year – Large Volume
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