GHXcellence Awards

GHXcellence Awards recognize supply chain leaders that are driving savings and efficiency for their organizations, their trading partners and the healthcare industry through automation and best practices.

U.S. Healthcare Provider of the Year – Small to Medium

GHX recognizes the top performing provider with less than 500 beds.

Criteria for Healthcare Provider of the Year

  • Four complete closed quarters on the GHX Exchange, from date of first purchase order (PO)
  • More than 10,000 PO lines processed annually
  • Ranking for each of the following "big 3" exception types (the lower the exception rate, the higher the rank):
    • Price Exception (price exceptions/PO lines)
    • SKU Exception (SKU exceptions/PO lines)
    • UOM Exception (UOM exceptions/PO lines)
  • Gross transaction volume (GTV) per bed (i.e., PO GTV / staffed beds)
  • PO trading partner enablement
  • Strategic execution of supply chain-related activities in support of organizational objectives

2018 Winner: Riverside Health

  • Riverside Health System had two goals for 2018: Clean up its item master so that it could serve as the source of truth for product data, and reach the number one spot on the GHX Best 50 list. The organization accomplished both goals using NuVia and collaborating closely with the GHX team.
  • NuVia has allowed Riverside to significantly improve the completeness and accuracy of its item master, which in turn feeds product data to other processes and systems. By doing so, the Riverside team has reduced PO price exceptions (by 48% down to 1%) and driven down their part number exception rate (0.2%), and unit of measure (UOM) exception rate (0.23%). With complete and accurate data on POs, staff members in purchasing and accounts payable (AP) are now able to work smarter, not harder.
  • The Riverside team also used NuVia to put stronger controls in place for non-file spend. By identifying items that were not validating against contracts, the team successfully reduced contract price exceptions, earning the top spot in the GHX Best 50 for this achievement.
2017 - Seattle Children’s
2017 Winner -
Seattle Children’s
2016 - Provider of the Year - Small to Medium
2016 Winner -
Seattle Children’s Hospital
2015 - Provider of the Year - Small to Medium
2015 Winner -
Seattle Children’s Hospital