GHXcellence Awards

GHXcellence Awards recognize supply chain leaders that are driving savings and efficiency for their organizations, their trading partners and the healthcare industry through automation and best practices.

Rookie of the Year - Supplier

This award recognizes a supplier that has been on the GHX Exchange less than 2 years and has demonstrated its ability to accelerate time-to-value in critical areas that drive supply chain performance.

Criteria considered

Note: Nominees are not required to meet all these criteria, nor are they limited to these. This criteria defines the range of accomplishment considered for this award. 

  • Level of procure-to-pay/order-to-cash automation
  • Electronic trading partner enablement
  • Percent of orders placed/received through the Exchange
  • Use of a range of electronic transaction sets
  • Team engagement, training and certification
  • Speed of implementation
  • GHX product utilization

Nominations should include supporting documentation whenever possible. 

2019 Winner: MTF Biologics

2019 - MTF Biologics
  • The largest tissue bank in the world, MTF Biologics is a non-profit service organization that operates on exceptionally lean resources. It outsources a portion of its sales efforts, which complicates efforts to automate the procure-to-pay process.

  • MTF Biologics implemented a full suite of GHX solutions to drive greater automation, efficiency and visibility for itself and its customers.

  • Since go-live, MTF Biologics has increased its electronic purchase order (PO) volume significantly, decreased back orders from 40 percent down to 8 percent, and is saving $5,000 per EDI connection (for a minimum savings of $250,000 annually).

  • As a company dedicated to continuous improvements in customer experience, MTF Biologics regularly follows up with customers that requested the organization join the GHX Exchange in order to validate that business processes have become both easier and less expensive.
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