GHXcellence Awards

GHXcellence Awards recognize supply chain leaders that are driving savings and efficiency for their organizations, their trading partners and the healthcare industry through automation and best practices.

Most Improved Supplier

This award recognizes the healthcare supplier that has made the most impressive year-over-year gains in growing their utilization of GHX solutions, driving efficiencies and savings with their organization.


  • Must be a GHX Exchange member for two consecutive years

Criteria considered

Note: Nominees are not required to meet all these criteria, nor are they limited to these. This criteria defines the range of accomplishment considered for this award.

  • Percentage growth in electronic purchase order (PO) lines
  • Percentage growth in electronic invoices and/or invoice automation
  • Percentage growth in ASN (856)
  • Percentage growth in number of electronic PO trading partners
  • Percentage reduction in discrepancies
  • POA (855) Average Response time
  • GHX product utilization
  • Strategic execution of supply chain-related activities in support of organizational objectives

Nominations should include supporting documentation whenever possible. 

2019 Winner: GE Healthcare

2019 - GE Healthcare
  • GE Healthcare had been transacting with customers through the GHX Exchange for 18 years, but as a global company, it faced challenges aligning supply chain initiatives across its many divisions. As a result, the company was underutilizing its GHX resources.

  • Working in partnership, the GE and GHX teams successfully navigated the various ordering modalities in place to establish the GHX Exchange as the core of GE’s supply chain. They also put into place internal incentive programs to help drive their hospital customers to utilize GHX as the means of submitting orders.

  • Through this work, GE has increased its volume of electronic trading partners by 67 percent, its volume of electronic purchase orders (PO) through the Exchange by 83 percent, and its gross transaction volume (GTV) through the Exchange by 32 percent (2018-2019). The company is also now using GHX as a source for electronic Product Transfer and Resale Reports (EDI 867) and Price Authorization Acknowledgment/Status Transaction Sets (845).
2018 - Most Improved Supplier (Integra LifeSciences)
2018 Winner -
Integra LifeSciences