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Exchange Services

Connect with more than 4,000 healthcare providers

GHX Exchange Services helps you increase customers and orders while driving down your operational costs. A single electronic data interchange (EDI) connection connects you to more than 4,000 healthcare providers, improving your access to customers and the potential for more orders. You can make it easier for new and existing customers to do business with you, which leads to more satisfied customers and repeat business. 

Make it fast and easy for customers to do business with you

Exchange Services automates the ordering process, reducing manual work and eliminating barriers to delivering the right product at the right price at the right time. With a central source to manage your transactions and orders electronically, you can improve productivity by working smarter, not harder. Exchange Services provides real-time access to view and validate order information, as well as visibility into all orders being placed. Bottom line: you can improve order accuracy while decreasing discrepancies and operating expenses. 


  • Easily connect with new trading partners
  • Reduce errors and discrepancy rates
  • Quickly and easily manage orders
  • Improve visibility and control
  • Speed ordering and processing time


  • Connection to the largest healthcare supply chain exchange
  • Extensive network of trading partners
  • Electronic order management
  • Visibility into trading partner activity
  • Capability to view electronic transactions from non-GHX providers 
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