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A More Secure Supply Chain
Building compliance into supply chain processes reduces risk for organizations while increasing efficiency. Learn about the new capability to identify un-credentialed trading partners in the Exchange so you can better prioritize your credentialing efforts to avoid penalties and minimize fraud.
Credentialing Your Business Partners
A humorous look at the tension between providers and suppliers where credentialing is concerned, and how GHX helps bridge the gap for a more rewarding business relationship.
Assurance of Safety for a Growing healthcare system
Pamela Branscum, who leads Wake Forest Baptist Health’s vendor credentialing program, has found confidence through the visibility Vendormate provides for Wake Forest Baptist Health's growing health system.
Growing our healthcare system with GHX Vendormate
Pamela Branscum leads Wake Forest Baptist Health’s vendor credentialing program, and was involved in the integration of five independent medical institutions into one learning healthcare system.
Business Associate Management: Risks and Impacts to Providers
Joseph Dickinson, Counsel at Tucker Ellis LLP and former Chief Privacy and Chief Information Security Officer at The MetroHealth System and Jackie McGuinn, GHX Sr Manager of Strategic Marketing discuss updates on OCR HIPAA audits related to business associates, managing ongoing business associate relationships to foster a culture of privacy and compliance and tips on operationalizing business associate management to achieve satisfactory assurances
Greenville Health System Improves Supply Chain with GHX Credentialing Services
Greenville Health System implements GHX Vendormate Credentialing - meets accreditation requirements for onsite vendors and establishes a way to lock formulary and control product spend with a new approval process.
Visibility Over Rep Access Helps Protect Patient and Staff Safety and Mitigates Risk
Palmetto Health implemented GHX vendor credentialing and access management solutions to gain better visibility and control over its vendor population, improve compliance with internal policies and with regulatory and industry requirements.
Texas Children's Ramps Up its Vendor Compliance Program with GHX
Texas Children's Hospital uses Vendormate Credentialing to minimize exposure to financial, legal and safety risks by screening both vendor entities and representatives.
Improve Vendor and HIPAA Business Associate Management
Torrance Memorial, a credentialing customer since 2008, trusts GHX to help with other compliance and supply chain challenges including contract management, business associate management and vendor onboarding.
A Growing Healthcare System Achieves Consistent Vendor Credentialing
A well-known university-related healthcare system increased visibility and management over the vendor rep credentialing process to support the safety of its patients, employees, and their families.
Business Associate Management Consulting Services
GHX offers consulting services to complement our Compliance Document Management solution with expertise and resources to optimize business associate management and address a vital area of HIPAA compliance.
Vendormate Credentialing
Integrate compliance with your supply chain and be prepared for external regulatory audits with Vendormate Credentialing. Customize badging options for different facilities and departments based on their unique needs.
Vendor Compliance and Credentialing in Healthcare Infographic
Do you know who you are doing business with? This infographic illustrates what vendor credentialing is, why it is so important, who needs to be credentialed and how GHX Vendormate is helping you meet your goals for patient safety and compliance.