POA Managed Service

Stop Chasing Purchase Order Acknowledgements

A patient is the purpose behind every order placed, and knowing that your order has been received correctly by your vendor is essential to meeting both clinical and financial goals. When purchase order acknowledgements (POAs) aren’t sent, or they are being received in disparate ways, the impact can be significant due to lack of visibility and efficiency in your order processes.

Close the gap in order processing with more POAs

Using MetaTrade to order electronically from vendors that are not EDI capable is the path toward increased efficiency. However, when your vendors fail to acknowledge orders, a gap is created in your otherwise seamless process. To kick up efficiency, POA managed service maximizes connectivity to your vendors and provides electronic access to all of your purchase order acknowledgments – all within the My Exchange dashboard – even if your vendors are not GHX Exchange trading partners.

POA managed service is a key component of total order management, providing an electronic view within My Exchange of all POAs received. GHX establishes a comprehensive program that includes training, enhanced communication and issue resolution with your vendors to escalate the volume of POAs received. The service captures, and electronically presents, all manual acknowledgements and those obtained through GHX’s proprietary supplier coordination, with all other electronically received POAs. This holistic view of acknowledgments further streamlines order processing giving you greater visibility around order status and maximizing efficiency in order management.

Features & Benefits

  • Drive vendor action toward completing POAs with a focused effort on training and instruction for trading partners
  • Receive all POAs electronically whether emailed, faxed or verified by phone
  • Access daily action report to quickly identify exceptions and orders for escalation
POA Managed Service

POA Managed Service

Streamline order processing with a holistic view of purchase order acknowledgments. POA Managed Service provides an electronic view within the My Exchange dashboard of all POAs received whether through email, fax or phone.