Data Management

Improving Data Accuracy
Improving Data Accuracy

Maximize the Value of Your Item Master

Clean data is critical to supply chain operations, impacting systems throughout. By cleansing and conditioning your organization’s data, GHX helps you reduce errors and improve efficiency and contract alignment. Our solutions deliver more accurate, up-to-date data enabled by the GHX Catalog containing millions of enriched items that providers need for a single source of truth. By more effectively managing your data, you can achieve accurate supply documentation and take advantage of contract pricing and reimbursement opportunities, while reducing missed charges and clinician frustration.

Tackle data errors and align contracts

With NuVia®, accurate, up-to-date and standardized data is accessible for Exchange-connected providers. NuVia continuously monitors your data for changes, validates your data against GHX’s enriched item catalog and then corrects product data inaccuracies. Clean data dramatically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain.

Small hospitals see big gains

Item ConneXion℠ is a self-service, web-based item catalog application designed specifically for Exchange-connected small hospitals to help reduce exceptions and improve accuracy of item master data. Supply data that is more accurate, up-to-date and standardized helps reduce purchase order error and positively impacts downstream systems.

Solve the data integrity crisis to get the most from your EHR investment

Success for your value-based strategic initiatives is dependent on your data. Clinical ConneXion℠ delivers current, accurate and enriched data to your EHR — easing clinical documentation and providing multiple downstream benefits for improved charge capture and revenue integrity.

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