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Throughout Europe, via GHX, your members will have access to over 80% of the healthcare products market. All in one place.

Increase visibility and control of your network through automating your supply chain.

Using our technology, cleanse, automate and streamline your healthcare supply chain processes to add greater value to the hospitals in your network. Visibility across your entire supply chain will allow you to manage and forecast demand, enhancing your ability to negotiate best prices. Be part of the GHX collaborative community that delivers savings and efficiencies for all.

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Since 2001, the Kath. St.-Johannes Gesellschaft Dortmund has worked collaboratively with GHX, leveraging our leading healthcare trading platform. Today, more than 95% of all orders are processed through GHX.

We connect thousands of healthcare suppliers, manufacturers and distributors with hospitals and GPOs - as well as working with Governments to advise on eCommerce legislation for healthcare. Our technology enables the right devices, equipment, services and medicines to flow efficiently through the European healthcare supply chain.