6,800+ organisations
in our global healthcare community

are already connected and trading electronically via GHX technology.

Get one-to-many connectivity with our intelligent eCommerce technology.

From years working in healthcare, we understand the importance for you, as distributors, to have an integrated eCommerce platform that connects to your customers and suppliers. Our technology enables you to receive and send orders and invoices electronically from both sides of your supply chain. Importantly, you can gain visibility across your supply chain - what customers are ordering day in and day out, allowing you to plan your business more effectively.  

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See how we can help you become the vendor of choice - achieving greater loyalty from customers, reducing your operating expense, and generating higher profits.

We connect thousands of healthcare suppliers, manufacturers and distributors with hospitals and GPOs - as well as working with Governments to advise on eCommerce legislation for healthcare. Our technology enables the right devices, equipment, services and medicines to flow efficiently through the European healthcare supply chain.