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Blog: Electrifying the NHS!

The drivers behind the NHS eProcurement Strategy are twofold. One is patient safety. The archaic nature of the healthcare supply chain was highlighted by recent patient safety concerns such as the difficulties recalling PIP breast implants and similar issues in the UK recalling metal-on-metal hip implants. Two, NHS procurement has been tasked with achieving savings of £1.5 billion ($2.29 billion) over four years. Putting the ‘e’ in eProcurement is seen as a key step to realizing these savings; in other words, better use of technology.



In just 12 months, Smiths Medical consolidated and optimized the transaction process with provider customers across 10 European countries using GHX solutions, achieving efficiency gains of approximately 25%, and a "customer-first culture".

A critical mass of connected trading partners giving you immediate access to more of your customers or suppliers.

Our global healthcare network has been established over many years and continues to expand. With GHX, you get access to a critical mass of organisations, all trading through our global exchange, providing richer data and information of higher quality and accuracy. Our global experience and expertise mean we are more likely to have come across similar situations and system integration requirements to yours.

healthcare organisations around the world

doing business easier and quicker by transacting efficiently and with richer information through GHX technology.