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Blog: Electrifying the NHS!

The drivers behind the NHS eProcurement Strategy are twofold. One is patient safety. The archaic nature of the healthcare supply chain was highlighted by recent patient safety concerns such as the difficulties recalling PIP breast implants and similar issues in the UK recalling metal-on-metal hip implants. Two, NHS procurement has been tasked with achieving savings of £1.5 billion ($2.29 billion) over four years. Putting the ‘e’ in eProcurement is seen as a key step to realizing these savings; in other words, better use of technology.



Working with GHX, Leeds is streamlining processes and reducing waste while enhancing patient care. Together we are deploying solutions for data and contract management and the adoption of GS1 standards.

GHX systems are built with compliance in mind for doing business in Europe - now and into the future.

As the legislative environment in Europe increases in its complexity, you need a business partner to keep it simple. Our eCommerce solutions have patient safety and tax compliance requirements at their heart. From over two decades at the forefront of eCommerce in healthcare we have developed a deep understanding of the needs of the healthcare industry and we respect the sensitivity of your data at all times. We work directly with GS1, PEPPOL, EUCOMED and EESPA, to name a few, and have line of sight to future mandates impacting your business.

certified Access Point helping you meet EU eProcurement mandates

reducing your risk and giving you confidence that you can stay on top of the latest requirements.