CoreX: GHX's Platform Upgrade

Listen to Steve Cochran, GHX Chief Technology Officer, as he discusses the new enhanced GHX Exchange platform - designed to support the demands of the healthcare supply chain. 



The CoreX initiative represents our most monumental development effort on the Exchange platform since its inception. This brochure explores the initiative in more detail, including the value the new platform will provide to our customers and healthcare. 

Benefits to our customers


As a GHX customer, the new CoreX-enabled Global Exchange will allow you to transact confidently with trading partners, re-focus resources on high-value activities, and recognize additional value in your eCommerce investment more quickly. Moreover, you'll benefit as we introduce new features and upgraded services faster than ever before.

The new Global Exchange platform - world-class flexibility, scalability, security & speed

CoreX (for Core Exchange) is an initiative representing a significant investment to transform the GHX Exchange into the most advanced, sophisticated eCommerce platform available in healthcare. With CoreX initiative, GHX has developed a new Global Exchange platform that brings together best-in-class and next-generation architecture, setting the standard for cost-effective security, scalability, reliability and speed, and is designed to meet and exceed your needs as business processes accelerate and grow in sophistication.

CoreX Initiative
Delivering best-in-class

reliability and scalability to meet your needs - to power the next generation Global Exchange platform.