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Blog: Electrifying the NHS!

The drivers behind the NHS eProcurement Strategy are twofold. One is patient safety. The archaic nature of the healthcare supply chain was highlighted by recent patient safety concerns such as the difficulties recalling PIP breast implants and similar issues in the UK recalling metal-on-metal hip implants. Two, NHS procurement has been tasked with achieving savings of £1.5 billion ($2.29 billion) over four years. Putting the ‘e’ in eProcurement is seen as a key step to realizing these savings; in other words, better use of technology.



By working collaboratively with Bristol and Weston Purchasing Consortium (BWPC) and 87 manufacturers, we enhanced the data quality of supplier catalogues, cutting the time BWPC spend on ordering and errors.

Quality, enriched catalogue data and intelligent management information reduces errors and improves decision making.

We are the trusted provider of healthcare eCommerce data in the marketplace - for both healthcare suppliers and providers. Our cloud-based catalogues already hold millions of clean product items, with attributes and pricing, which we can enrich and classify, so that they are ready for use by hospitals and GPOs. We know what good data looks like and are able to display this via intuitive dashboards to help you make better business decisions.

clean, catalogue items

available via our cloud-based catalogue systems drive error-free ordering and invoicing.