With just a single connection your business can issue and send compliant invoices. No matter what the order volume, the ERP, or even the file format, our eInvoicing solution is easy to use and smart. It meets local electronic invoicing regulation and helps to reduce errors and costs.

Benefits to your business and to your customers


With its easy to use approach, our eInvoicing solution means no technical or process changes for you or your customers, even those with non-EDI capabilities. It helps keep business transactions smooth by reducing manual errors, and safe by use of encryption and archiving.

Simple, efficient invoicing across Europe


*GHX studies the tax and legal framework for its eInvoicing and eArchiving solutions in different countries in collaboration with PwC Business Advisory Services cvba ("PwC"). Within the framework of this collaboration, PwC will assist GHX with mapping the relevant tax and legal eInvoicing and eArchiving requirements and carry out a (live-environment) review and walkthrough of GHX' solution.

How it works 

Our eInvoicing works with any file format, so you don’t have to change processes or systems. It automatically converts your invoice into the file format required by a local government authority, or your customer. It’s a sort of ‘smart translation tool’ for invoices, helping you to reduce days sales outstanding, and optimise your order to cash cycle.


Meeting the challenge of compliance 

Countries across Europe are adopting the EU Directives and are at different stages. We help our customers through the complexities and ensure our solutions are future proofed and remain compliant.

Implementing eInvoicing

You can use eInvoicing direct from your ERP system, or you can use it via the internet through our user portal. It’s simple and quick to implement, and we provide all the necessary training for you and your team to be up and running in no time at all.


Learn more about our eInvoicing solution, and how it can help your business be smart and compliant, taking the level of integration with your customers to new levels.