€6 billion
removed from the healthcare supply chain

since 2010, by reducing errors and improving efficiencies through the use of GHX. 

Catch discrepant orders and fix them automatically before they hit your systems

We know, in healthcare supply chains, there are always non-standard ways in which some hospitals will send orders and that these can take a lot of your time, effort and manual intervention to address. With Business Rules as a value-added solution to work alongside GHX Exchange Services, intelligent rules are set up and automatically applied to enrich order data and correct errors.  

Benefits to manufacturers and distributors


By setting up rules for proactively and automatically enriching data, you will get better quality orders in your systems and will spend less time on manually correcting discrepancies. These rules are particularly important as they can dramatically increase your 'touchless' order rates, improve customer experience and reduce costs.

Accurate data you can trust


How it works


We work collaboratively with you to understand what rules you need to apply in specific phases of document processing. We then set them up and test them to make sure everything works correctly before going live. We have worked with thousands of healthcare manufacturers, distributors and hospitals over 15 years and so have extensive experience with the many nuances in the healthcare supply chain.

Implementing Business Rules Portal


This is a very customised solution and requires collaboration between us and you to identify and clarify your rules. We assign a project team of experienced healthcare supply chain specialists to work with you to understand your rules and then set-up the portal appropriately.



In just 12 months, Smiths Medical consolidated and optimized the transaction process with provider customers across 10 European countries using GHX solutions, achieving efficiency gains of approximately 25%, and a "customer-first culture". 

Integrated healthcare eCommerce


We provide a fast, integrated and scalable eCommerce platform that manages your supply chain - purchase to pay or order to cash - along with a series of intelligent tools and rules that help you undertake even some of the most complex healthcare transactions electronically.

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