of scanners used daily

across multiple European markets, for efficient management of consigned inventory.

Order stock from any supplier directly from a handheld scanner.

SEDICOplus is our handheld scanner solution for stock and consigned inventory management in hospitals. You can automatically trigger orders or reorders from the scanners, which are connected to your own ERP system to transmit the order to your supplier.

Benefits to hospitals and GPOs


SEDICOplus gives you fast ordering, directly from the scanner and allows you to have greater visibility and control of what stock you have where and whether you need to order more. By being able to forecast stock consumption you can plan better for it and avoid last minute, expensive rush ordering.

Simple, healthcare order management


How it works


The SEDICOplus scanner works via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LAN, reads 1D or 2D barcodes and processes GS1 and HIBC codes. You can make updates or set re-ordering rules directly on the devices. SEDICOplus will then transmit the order to your suppliers via ERP system and the GHX Exchange platform. We can integrate the scanners with your existing ERP systems.

Implementing SEDICOplus


The SEDICOplus scanners are specifically designed to be simple and easy to set up and configure. You can be up and running in a matter of days. We provide a dedicate project manager who will pre-load the scanners with your customer data and then provide training on how to use them through online or telephone training, so that you are up and running as soon as possible.


By delivering eCommerce and inventory management control at Cambridge University Hospitals, we have enabled the re-focus of clinical staff time back to patient care.

Integrated healthcare eCommerce


We provide a fast, integrated and scalable eCommerce platform that manages your supply chain - purchase to pay or order to cash - along with a series of intelligent tools and rules that help you undertake even some of the most complex healthcare transactions electronically.

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