GHX launches ‘cyber-attack care team’




Friday’s cyber-attack, affecting around 150 countries, has had a major impact on hospitals throughout Europe. Updating and repairing systems for businesses and hospitals is going to be a time consuming, expensive and complex operation.

The full picture has yet to emerge, as computers are turned on for the first time after the weekend attacks. The dramatic healthcare impact of the cyber-strike reaches beyond hospitals to pharmacies and other health-related services. The supply chain has also felt the blow, with many hospitals unable to process orders, forcing appointments and operations to be cancelled.

All production systems at GHX remain up and running, have been checked thoroughly, and have all the latest security updates, patches and anti-malware signature protections.  GHX remains confident that its systems and processes have been unaffected and remain protected against the current “Wannacry” virus and vulnerabilities.

GHX have also taken steps to help and advise both hospitals and suppliers that have been affected to keep ecommerce running in a smooth fashion. James Thirkill, Country Manager UK and Ireland comments, “We’ve put together a ‘cyber-attack care team’ that can operate as a team of consultants advising suppliers and providers on how to keep orders and return documents flowing.”


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