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To the members of the GHX community who are working tirelessly to fight COVID-19:

This is a time of great uncertainty for us all. But we recognize there is even greater pressure on our healthcare providers and suppliers to have answers... read more

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GHX Covid-19 Updates


G-Fax Service Continuity: India COVID-19 Surge

created: 08 September 2020 updated: 08 September 2020

As of August 30, 2020, India’s Health Ministry has reported more than 75,000 infections for five consecutive days, representing the fastest growing ca…

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7 key strategies to help build a resilient supply chain

created: 16 June 2020 updated: 16 June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that building supply chain resilience is crucial to helping organisations prepare for and minimise risk from any futur…

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Inkopen van kritieke benodigdheden: Gratis toegang tot EBS Lite

created: 22 April 2020 updated: 26 May 2020

UPDATE: Gratis EBS Lite toegang verlengd tot 30 juni 2020

In reactie op COVID-19 zet GHX zich in om ervoor te zorgen dat onze klanten toegang krijgen…

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Business Continuity Update: India Operations

created: 07 May 2020 updated: 07 May 2020


According to the World Health Organization’s Situation Report from 6th May, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in India totals 49,391, re…

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Inkoop van kritische benodigdheden: Referentielijsten

created: 22 April 2020 updated: 24 April 2020

COVID-19 vormt een grote uitdaging voor met name zorgverleners. Om ziekenhuizen te helpen deze complexe situatie aan te pakken, biedt GHX gratis refer…

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