St. James’s Hospital and GHX Europe – Patient Safety Delivered

GHX and St James’s Hospital (SJH) have been working in close partnership to transform supply chain processes and ensure improved patient safety and better hospital efficiencies as a result. The implementation of leading healthcare-focused supply chain technology, underpinned with quality, standards driven data and a robust change management program has delivered a fully automated supply chain ensuring the right product is delivered to the right patient at the right time.


Introducing St. James’s Hospital, Dublin

As the largest acute academic teaching hospital in the Republic of Ireland, SJH provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment hospital services to a population in excess of 300,000 at local, regional and national levels.

Commitment to Improving Patient Safety

SJH strongly believes that the development and implementation of comprehensive, end-to-end integrated business processes and systems is the only way to ensure that the dual benefits of patient safety and hospital efficiency are achieved. An approach like this to all processes within the hospital is long and multi-phased, and SJH is committed to improving patient safety and to making the appropriate investment in world class systems and processes which plays a big part in achieving this objective.

The solutions deployed provide the hospital with the perfect platform to adopt new healthcare standards (e.g. Unique Device Identifier) and regulations, and consume the associated data to provide end users with quality information to allow informed decisions that ultimately improve the quality of care delivered to their patients.

Scan4Surgery – The Challenge

In 2016 SJH embarked upon the Scan4Surgery programme which was launched to build upon the success of previous initiatives such as the National Haemophilia Project and the HSE National Surgical Sterile Instrument and Endoscope Tracking Solution.

The programme’s aims were to improve patient experience through increased nursing time, and improve efficiency in theatre supply chain as well as product traceability and significant reduction in product expiration. Further objectives were to bring managed inventory levels to fully automated replenishment, optimise theatre space and use activity based funding analysis to provide the capability to identify all costs through the care pathway.

Delivering Supply Chain Excellence with GHX – The Solution

 SJH worked closely with GHX to implement technology, processes and organisational changes. The solutions implemented were GHX Exchange, Powergate and Nexus. GHX Exchange allows the electronic delivery of Purchase Orders and Receiving Advice Notes to suppliers with automated delivery and integration of Advanced Shipping Notices and Invoices to SJH. The GHX PowerGate Inventory Management solution gives fully automated stock replenishment and batch control as well as full integration of PowerGate to SAP and Qlik Sense Business Intelligence. These solutions were underpinned by the adoption of GS1 standards for products, locations and patients. And, finally GHX Nexus and Exchange services to SJH suppliers were also used as a Product Information Management solution.

 “Scan4Surgery could not have been delivered without GHX. Their expertise in delivering end to end solutions for the Health sector is unrivalled. We at St. James's Hospital are delighted to have GHX as strategic partner for our inventory and eProcurement solutions” – Vincent Callan, Director of Facilities, SJH.

The Outcome

The implementation of leading Healthcare focused supply chain technology, established with quality, standards driven data and a robust change management has delivered a fully automated, end-to-end supply chain that ensures the right product is delivered to the right patient at the right time.

Scan4Surgery provides us with the automated supply chain that ensures the right product gets to the correct patient at right time” – Vincent Callan, Director of Facilities, SJH.

What’s next?

St James’s Hospital are only at the beginning of their journey. The hospital is looking to implement their solution across as many departments as possible, covering a wide variety of use cases and their whole supplier base, with the ultimate aim of automating the whole supply chain from projected patient care demand.

“We believe that Scan4Surgery and EDI not only benefit our patients and the Hospital, but will help our suppliers reduce their cost to serve” – John Cotter, Programme Director, SJH.

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