NHS eProcurement Strategy

New and changing regulations within the UK and globally require change or adaptation of certain processes. The NHS eProcurement Strategy is just one but by far not the only compliancy requirement. Are you ready? Let us help you to become future proofed!

What is the NHS eProcurement Strategy?

The NHS eProcurement Strategy is a set of measures for greater efficiency and transparency in NHS procurement to enable better patient care. It was published by the Department of Health in May 2014. The Department of Health is expecting the implementation of the Strategy to generate savings of between £3 to £5 million per hospital every year.
All organisations in the NHS supply chain are required to implement the eProcurement Strategy by adopting GS1 and PEPPOL standards. These standards will help to drive supply chain efficiencies and enable better product identification and traceability globally.
The eProcurement Strategy sets a foundation for the automation of the electronic business documents exchange in the healthcare supply chain through use of technology. This includes documents related to purchasing of goods and services, for example purchase orders and invoices, and publish the same data attributes on each product available to the NHS in a centralised database, using the same unique "language" standard across the whole supply chain.


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