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Global My Exchange is a new platform that makes managing your orders and transactions more efficient than ever before.

Your current My Exchange platform will be phased out in the next few months, so the sooner you switch, the quicker you can access the benefits of Global My Exchange.

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Your switch to Global My Exchange in Six Simple Steps

What is Global My Exchange?

 Global My Exchange gives you complete visibility of all your e-commerce transactions within a single global platform, for more transparent and efficient collaboration between you and your customers.


With greater functionality and a more intuitive user experience, managing orders is even more accurate, reliable and efficient than ever before. Plus, you can access Global My Exchange along with all your other GHX applications, via one single sign on.


Intelligent Business Rules

 If you have access to Business Rules, this will be replaced by Intelligent Business Rules. This intuitive, add-on solution works with Global My Exchange, using advanced logic to transform and enrich your order information. With Intelligent Business Rules, you can pro-actively identify and correct errors, to increase customer satisfaction and ensure a seamless flow of orders through your Global My Exchange platform.


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