Global My Exchange FAQs

About Global My Exchange

Global My Exchange is a new platform that makes managing your orders and transactions smarter, faster and more efficient than ever before.


  • Access Global My Exchange along with all your other GHX applications via a single sign on
  • View up-to-the-minute data on all transactions via the real-time dashboard
  • Use the filter and search functions to easily identify issues and flag priorities
  • Track your entire document workflow, and see exactly what your customers see, for a more transparent order process
  • Collaborate directly with colleagues to quickly resolve queries using the built-in communications tool
  • Get insights into current trending data for order volume, exceptions and invoices with our smart analytics

Switching to Global My Exchange

No, your access to UKE will not be affected.

Our Global My Exchange team will lead the switch process, but we will ask you to allocate a lead contact within your organisation who we can work with to manage this. The allocated person will also need to confirm the initial document flows in Global My Exchange and your ERP system once we have made the switch.

While there are unlikely to be any IT or operational queries, we would also suggest that someone from your organisation is available during the first few weeks immediately after the switch.

Yes, as we have to transfer less data you can start to use Global My Exchange as soon as you receive your user account. We will show you how to use the new platform during your welcome call, so there will not be a dedicated online training session. However, you will have access to our training guides and videos to learn about the new platform at a time that suits you.

Yes. If you have access to Business Rules, this will be replaced by Intelligent Business Rules. This intuitive, add-on solution works with Global My Exchange, using advanced logic to transform and enrich your order information. With Intelligent Business Rules, you can pro-actively identify and correct errors, to increase customer satisfaction and ensure a seamless flow of orders through your Global My Exchange platform.

We have designed Global My Exchange as a single global platform, offering complete visibility of all your e-commerce transactions for a more efficient and transparent order and invoice management process. Global My Exchange offers your customer service, EDI and IT teams an enhanced user experience and greater functionality.

Your current My Exchange platform will be phased out over the next few months, but you can start accessing the benefits of Global My Exchange now. Switching is quick, easy and free of charge.

No, we can only support a switch by market, so all users need to be switched over to Global My Exchange at the same time.


There is no cost to switch to the new platform and your subscription charges will not be affected.

No, there is no additional cost at all for switching to Global My Exchange.

Training & Demos

Yes, we will provide relevant training materials and a member of our team will host a live, web-based training session for your current My Exchange key users. This will cover the core features and functionality of Global My Exchange.

Yes. We will provide you with a demonstration of the Global My Exchange platform when we meet with you to plan the switch.

There's no test version, but we will give you access to videos and user guides that will help you get to know the new platform. Global My Exchange is designed to be as user-friendly as possible and our Customer Support team is on hand to help with any queries.

There’s no test version of Global My Exchange, but switching to the new platform doesn’t affect the back-end order system, so your orders will be processed in the same way as before.

Clearing on Process

Yes. The Global My Exchange ORDERS module offers ‘Intelligent Business Rules’. This functionality includes an upgrade of the Clearing on Process functionality.

Yes. Before the switch to Global My Exchange, GHX will export all your Clearing on Process mappings from My Exchange V2.0 and import them into Intelligent Business Rules.

Technical Implementation

As we are not changing any of the interfaces, there should not be any risks to connectivity.

No, there will not be any changes to format and content.

No. We will need to transfer your My Exchange V2.0 configuration to Global My Exchange exactly as it is.

Post Switch Support

We normally release updates on the second Friday of the month and share the details in the help section on Global My Exchange.

To see the latest release notes, just log in and click on the help link on the top right-hand side. You can also find helpful training videos and guides to help you get to know Global My Exchange.

The Global My Exchange team will be available to help with any switch-related queries for a short period of time after we switch you over to Global My Exchange. Please email them at and copy in your GHX Project Manager on any support-related communication.

After this time, please contact the GHX Customer Support team as usual, at

General Information

We will aim to support your ERP change, however the old My Exchange platform will be closed down at the end of 2020. Please consider this in your system changes schedule and keep us informed about the progress and decisions.

We will support the last two versions of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

Yes, the GHX Exchange and our My Exchange/Global My Exchange web applications are GDPR compliant. For further details and the GHX declaration, please contact your Account Manager.

My Exchange v2.0

Each market is set up and configured differently for each customer. Typically, we will manage the switch by country. Depending on the number of markets and how you manage them, we may switch them all at once, or transfer each one separately using a staggered approach. This will be arranged with your lead contact and GHX.

We will keep your access to the old My Exchange platform open for 90 days after the switch date. You will still be able to review past transactions during this time frame, but no new transactions will be visible in My Exchange V2.0 after the switch.

You will still be able to access and manage your Nexus catalogues and content via the My Exchange V2.0 login page until the end of 2020. We are looking to bring this functionality together with our next generation content and catalogue management tools in 2020.

Orders & Transactions

At the agreed date and time, we will stop posting new transactions onto your old My Exchange platform. All new transactions will be visible on Global My Exchange instead. Once the switch is complete, we will notify the lead contact in your organisation that you can start using Global My Exchange.

Please note: all parked orders on the old My Exchange platform will need to be released before the switch takes place. If you have any parked orders remaining after this point, please stop these orders using the old platform and handle them manually.

The changeover to Global My Exchange does not impact the underlying Exchange itself. You will see past transactions in Global My Exchange, but they may not be formatted correctly in every case. To review transactions made before the switch, please use the old My Exchange website until you have been transferred across to the new platform.

A PDF copy of the order will be created for every EDI order in Global My Exchange. You can subscribe to the PO-Delivery report in the Notifications application, which will notify you when a new PDF is created. This notification email will include a link to download the related PDF document.

You can also download these PDFs in bulk from the Global My Exchange quick clicks results, as well as via the Business Rules Order Report. Please note: the Business Rules Order Report history is limited to a six-month range in My Exchange Orders. If you need the PDFs for archiving purposes, please download them in bulk on a regular basis such as every week or month.

These orders are so called ‘ghost orders’ as they get displayed to show the underlying return document data sent, for example an order response, shipping notice or invoice. You can identify ghost orders easily by looking at the PO status, like ‘POA with no matching PO’ or an empty PO received date. You can ignore those records as you will have received them on your new platform.