Classification and Cleansing - A Few Easy Steps for Suppliers, Hospitals and GPOs

For Suppliers

Quality, accurate data is key to optimising the order-to-cash cycle. Improving the quality of your data that you and your customers use can reduce the error rate on orders and invoice discrepancies that suppliers have to handle. It can also optimise procurement and clinical processes to improve customer satisfaction.

What we do

Our expert data analysts will go through your catalogue data, checking it and advising what action needs to be taken to improve it. This is an entirely customised service as everyone’s catalogue and information are at different stages of completeness. Our experts are focused solely on healthcare data and help you meet the requirements of your country and the standards, attributes and formats needed to be compliant.

Whether you need eCl@ss (Germany and Switzerland), NHS-eCl@ss (UK) or UNSPSC (Netherlands) standardisation and classification, we are here to help.

Our services for suppliers

1) One-off initial classification

2) Addition of product specific attributes

3) Catalogue validation

4) Classification extension - checking completeness of classification structure to show your product palette and file and application to extend the classification structure for your customers

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For Hospitals and GPOs

Typically, there are over 200,000 items in a hospital catalogue which need maintaining and enriching on a regular basis to enable efficient and compliant supply chain processes. Rich data is at the heart of an optimised supply chain and making sure that your data is clean before it is integrated with other systems is a best practice and keeps your processes running smoothly.

Our services for hospitals and GPOs

1) Catalog data classification

  • One-off initial classification

2) Master data cleansing

  • Reviewing product basis information (i.e. product number, supplier packaging information)
  • Identifying and highlighting duplicates

3) Enrichment

  • Addition of hospital catalogues with additional values such as GTINs or additional packaging units, supplier and manufacturer numbers or active pharmaceutical ingredients for pharma catalogues (e.g. ATC-Code)

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Classification and data cleansing are customer specific so please don’t hesitate to contact us at to discuss your business needs.