Carter and Scan4Safety Procurement Review

The Carter report highlights how procurement transformation, if systematically implemented, can save the NHS £5bn a year by 2020. The challenge is identifying where to focus your resources for the greatest impact. GHX can help. The Carter and Scan4Safety Procurement Review will give you a detailed review of your readiness to achieve the Carter recommendations and a practical roadmap to implementation.

Our cost-effective and time-efficient approach can deliver you an actionable report in as little as four weeks from the initial on-site surveys.

Leveraging 20 years of healthcare expertise

As market leaders in Healthcare Procurement, we can independently and objectively review your current state of readiness to achieve the Carter and Scan4Safety standards.

We use an established and proven methodology with data gathering, onsite interviews of key procurement personnel and gap analysis of all the key Carter procurement and Scan4Safety areas.

We deliver a detailed report giving recommendations and advice about how to help you can achieve the required standards and start to see some of the cost savings detailed in the Carter report.

Maximum analysis with minimal disruption

An initial workshop outlines the scope of the review whilst introducing key stakeholders to GHX and the scoring method. This is followed by in-depth on site interviews held over a single day to minimise disruption. A follow-up questionnaire ensures that all information is gathered ready for analysis.

The scoring is based on careful analysis of the interviews and questionnaire. The output of the write-up is passed to the Trust for discussion prior to final publication. It is the aim of this document to highlight opportunities, not to identify faults.

Reaching all areas of your Trust

• Strategy and organisation
• People and skills
• Strategic procurement
• Supply chain
• Data, systems and performance management

Delivering a report with practical actions to meet Carter targets

• Detailed report of your Trust’s preparedness to meet Carter recommendations and Scan4Safety readiness
• Gap analysis and actionable recommendations

The review assesses your Trust’s readiness to achieve the Carter procurement recommendations and Scan4Safety standards. Clear recommendations will be documented to show what actions need to be taken to improve your score to support your Trust on its journey to meet the Carter and Scan4Safety targets.

This review will therefore be an invaluable reference document to both drive and monitor progress in this crucial are of Trust performance.

Find out out how we can help you meet your Carter and Scan4Safety goals