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Our ‘Customer services teams’ are the first point of contact for our customers, and so a key part in helping the day to day business of GHX, hospitals and suppliers run smoothly. In fact, it’s not just a service, it's a type of relationship department. And to get this working how you want it, you need to have the right staff in place, staff that not only understand the business, but staff that can listen, can act quickly and efficiently, and can remain balanced and professional as well as provide the best, quickest resolution. One of those people is Beate Hoffmann.


Beate in 30 seconds...

Time with GHX - Four years

Most embarrassing moment - Too many times not having cash on me when I really needed it

Favourite hobby - Aikido (modern Japanese martial art)

Childhood hero - Winnetou (a character from the books of Karl May)

Favourite sportsperson - Morihei Ueshiba, Steven Seagal and Sebastian Vettel

Biggest achievement - Surviving more than 20 years in customer service in different companies and with so many different customers

Beate has spent the last four years in the Düsseldorf Customer support team, and is amongst her colleagues, the first point of contact for our GHX customer base. “Speaking to people for the first time is always interesting as you never know where that enquiry is going to take you.” She adds, “Quite a lot of our enquiries are really simple to resolve, and take no longer than a few minutes as it’s often issues we have dealt with in the past and know how to resolve.” “But my job really gets going when the issue seems a little more complex. We always check to see if there’s a similar issue elsewhere, and if there is, we let other relevant departments know as soon as we can. Communication really is key. “Perhaps the biggest thing from an internal view point is just how well all the departments work together.”

“I can see how our products make it easier for our customers to do business, it’s not hard to see how useful they are.” “Of course when we launch new ones, there’s always a spike in the help we need to give, but that’s to be expected.” 

“But one thing that has changed is our internal processes, they have definitely become better. “Of course, we are always looking to make improvements, no matter how small or seemingly minor. The Japanese call this ‘Kaizen’ – the art of continuous improvement.”

“We always raise a ticket, so we can log, track and trace - that’s essential as it’s part of what we do, so we have to make sure we do it properly.” “Being part of a team is another real plus point of the job. We all get on so well, and if you were to combine our knowledge base you begin to realise what a massive resource we actually have.”