Marcus Schiewe
Head of European Sales

Schiewe is responsible for leading the Country Managers across the supplier and provider markets in the European DACHNL, UK and Ireland markets.

Since joining GHX in September 2014 as Head of Supplier Sales, Schiewe has developed a strong Supplier Sales team and increased operational efficiency. Because of this success, Schiewe has been prompted in June 2019 to Head of European Sales, leading the European Country Managers across the supplier and provider markets.

He brings nearly 20 years of experience driving direct and indirect sales across Europe and around a decade of experience in the business application solution industry (ERP, CRM, BI). Prior to joining GHX, Schiewe held various sales management positions at Infor Deutschland GmbH and before that at SAP.

Schiewe is a certified business administrator and subsequently studied Business Administration at the FOM University of Applied Sciences in Cologne.