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22 October 2021


P4H, the leading NHS procurement and supply chain event, was back live last month. During the day-long event, procurement, inventory management and logistics experts discussed what the next 12 months might look like for the healthcare supply chain. Our own experts, James Minards and Kevin Sample, were at the event speaking to NHS professionals and identified three key takeaways.

Kevin Sample
Senior Consulting and Business Development Manager
26 July 2021


How do you cut costs without cutting services? In his final LinkedIn article on supply chain digitalisation, James Minards takes a look at the financial benefits of digitalisation and how it can help healthcare providers address costly supply chain inefficiencies without affecting the quality and frequency of patient services.

James Minards
Country Sales Manager UK & Ireland
08 July 2021


How much of a benefit could a digitalised supply chain be for the clinical front line? In his third article on supply chain digitalisation, James Minards looks at how automating procurement and inventory management operations can help healthcare providers reduce the amount of time doctors, nurses and care workers spend on non-clinical tasks.

James Minards
Country Sales Manager UK & Ireland
16 June 2021


Healthcare providers have access to huge amounts of data, but is there an opportunity to use it more effectively to deliver better results for their patients? James Minards looks at how hospitals and trusts can use data to automate their procurement and inventory management and gain back valuable clinical time to spend on patient care.

James Minards
Country Sales Manager UK & Ireland
03 June 2021


Digitally transforming hospital and healthcare trust supply chain processes brings significant financial and efficiency benefits, but it can also have a profoundly positive effect on patient safety. James Minards discusses how digital transformation of the healthcare supply chain can provide the key to unlocking much higher standards of patient safety.

James Minards
Country Sales Manager UK & Ireland
20 January 2020


Chris Heavey, Senior Market Manager at GHX, shares an update on how GHX aims to work with the OpenPeppol community to support the implementation of Peppol across the healthcare industry.

Chris Heavey
Senior Market Manager
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