Reduce costs and complexity with one solution for all your
e-invoicing needs

Is meeting European electronic invoicing regulations costing you time and money?

GHX eInvoicing can help you cut through the complexity and improve your cashflow, with a single solution that makes delivery and payment of your electronic invoices simpler and faster.

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Helping you achieve simple, efficient and compliant electronic invoicing across Europe

With uncertainty around rules and regulations, and different standards from country to country, meeting e-invoicing regulations in Europe can be a complex business for many suppliers.

Not to mention the cost of delayed payments due to non-compliance and time spent managing multiple service providers.

It all adds up to making your business less efficient.

Take a unified approach to managing your invoices

GHX eInvoicing is designed to work across all your European markets and bring all your invoices together in one place.

With one partner and one connection, we can help you simplify your processes and achieve better operational efficiency.

Get paid faster and improve your cashflow

GHX eInvoicing checks that your invoices meet the relevant regulations before they reach the receiver, meaning no more delays due to non-compliance.

Delivery and payment of electronic invoices is simpler and faster, helping you reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and improve your cashflow.

Benefits of switching to GHX eInvoicing

One single connection across
all your European markets

Accounts receivable automation
for greater operational efficiency

Deliver validated, compliant invoices
– reduce errors, delays and costs

One portal for all your electronic invoices,
whatever their status

Compliance simplified – helping to ensure
you meet EU regulatory standards

Faster payments – reduce your DSO by receiving payments sooner

Faster payments – reduce your DSO
by receiving payments sooner

Find out how GHX can help make e-invoicing
easier for your business.

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