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20+ years of

working with hospitals
and manufacturers
to drive out cost
and optimise their
supply chains.

Our expert advice and hands on support allows you to optimise your supply chain for competitive advantage.

Enhance your ability to meet the requirements of your customers with a supply chain optimised by our experts. We work with each client individually to scope out your specific needs and the level of support that you require. With years of consulting expertise to draw upon, we offer a wide range of specialist skills and knowledge of the systems and processes that comprise most healthcare supply chains.

How we can help


The GHX Consulting team have a wide-ranging set of skills to support your organisational goals.

With extensive experience working in areas such as Strategic Planning, Cost Improvement, Interim Backfill and Programme Management Office set up, as well as delivering diagnostic reviews both prior to and after change programmes, we can provide subject matter experts with the specialist knowledge to meet your needs.

This expertise allows our Consultants to hit the ground running on any assignments, helping to maximise the benefits to our clients.


Embracing advances in technology and process efficiencies is an integral part in maintaining the best services possible, but the organisational and cultural changes involved can present real world obstacles in achieving the desired outcomes and progression.

We have extensive experience in supporting organisations through change, with specific expertise in Healthcare, Procurement and Finance. Industry-leading accreditation underpins our tailored and robust Programme Management structure, to support everything from compact, discrete projects to major organisational change.


Electronic trading is a key component of an efficient and cost effective supply chain model, helping to avoid manual intervention in the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process. Electronic trading efficiencies can support an increase in touchless processes, reducing costs and freeing up time for people to add value to their roles in other ways.

Our team of experts can analyse your current electronic trading approach to help optimise both process and scope. Best practice advice, partner optimisation and development of short, medium and long term goals can help support your organisation to maximise the benefits available.

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To find out how we can help you achieve your targets, implement best practice, meet regulatory requirements and continually improve your systems and processes, contact us and one of our team will be in touch.

We'll be happy to discuss the needs of your organisation and provide a detailed proposal for a tailored package of expert support designed to help you achieve your goals.

Birmingham Children's Hospital

Birmingham Children's Hospital

DAVID MELBOURNE, DIRECTOR OF FINANCE AT BIRMINGHAM CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL (BCH): "What BCH required was a complete support service to act seamlessly as an extension of our in-house team. We required advice and guidance at a senior, strategic level, full project management of our CIP, and proactive practical steps to significantly reduce our non-PO spend."

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Future-proofed healthcare compliance

We help our customers to navigate the complex regulatory environment in healthcare. We engage in the legislative and regulatory processes to help decision makers consider impacts on the healthcare supply chain. Our solutions are designed to meet regulatory requirements across Europe and we continually work to future-proof our technology and processes.