GDSN Data Pool - Health ConneXion

GDSN-certified data pool focused on healthcare

from your trusted data management solution provider.

Be compliant, disseminate your data to international regulatory bodies, customers and business partners through our GDSN-certified data pool.

The Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) allows trading partners to share trusted product data simply. Publish your product data in one place and in one go, making it available to your customers and regulatory bodies as necessary. Health ConneXion is the only GDSN-certified data pool focused on healthcare, enabling you to enrich data to meet the required international data and attribute standards. By publishing your clean data to Health ConneXion, you will be helping to accelerate the use of GS1 standards across the industry.

Benefits to manufacturers and distributors

Publishing data to a GDSN-certified data pool is a compliance requirement for many healthcare markets around the world, including the NHS eProcurement Strategy in the UK. Health ConneXion means trading partners are working with the same product information and meeting compliance obligations.

“Global data standards adoption is part of our customer excellence strategy, as it enables us to deliver the right products to the right location at the right time. This not only improves patient safety, but also helps to drive down costs by streamlining supply chain processes and reducing errors.”


How it works

There are multiple ways to feed data to the data pool. You can optimise this by leveraging your existing connection to GHX, through GHX Exchange Services or HealthNEXUS. As part of the upload process, your data is enriched and verified against international data standards. Once it is stored in the cloud-hosted data pool, it is the single source of truth for your customers and other trading partners as well as being accessible for regulatory and patient safety organisations.

Implementing Health ConneXion

We offer a bespoke implementation service for Health ConneXion depending on the set up of your current systems, the services you have from GHX and whether you need an ongoing automatic feed. In addition to getting your data into Health ConneXion, we can provide our cleansing and classification services to enrich your data, so that it meets the standards of the GDSN.

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Future-proofed healthcare compliance

We help our customers to navigate the complex regulatory environment in healthcare. We engage in the legislative and regulatory processes to help decision makers consider impacts on the healthcare supply chain. Our solutions are designed to meet regulatory requirements across Europe and we continually work to future-proof our technology and processes.