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The One-to-Many
data management tool

creating a single source
of truth for catalogue data for you and
your customers.

Manage your catalogue data efficiently, all in one place, with our cloud-based catalogue management solution

HealthNEXUS enables you to import, update, manage and publish your catalogue data in one place, helping put your data at your customers' fingertips. You can publish your data to the GHX community of hospitals in one go, as well as to the GDSN-certified data pool from GHX. HealthNEXUS helps you to be compliant with global standards, regional and country specific coding and classification practices - such as GTINs, GLNs, GS1 XML CIN file format and eCl@ss. HealthNEXUS interoperates with GHX Exchange Services, enabling automatic validation of orders against your catalogue data, correcting errors or missing data where possible.

How it works

With HealthNEXUS you can upload your catalogue via our simple user interface or directly from your own system. It will be stored in the cloud and available to you wherever you are. You can publish your data so that the latest product information is accessible to everyone who requires it, including to the GHX hospital community.

Benefits to manufacturers and distributors

Lessen the effort involved with managing and retrieving catalogue information by centralising it into one place. Clean and accessible data improves your customer experience by providing quality data that they can use immediately, thereby increasing 'touchless' order rates. It also helps you to be compliant with regulatory mandates and required data standards.

Up-to-date, accurate data you can trust

We hold thousands of current healthcare catalogues and deal with millions of transactions between healthcare suppliers and providers every year globally. This powerful combination gives us the know-how to enrich data to improve its accuracy and create meaningful information to help with your reporting and decision-making.

Implementing HealthNEXUS

We can connect HealthNEXUS to your local ERP system (SAP, Oracle, and more) or you can access it using any web enabled computer through our easy to navigate user interface. You will get a dedicated project manager to guide you through the short and simple process, giving you and your staff training on how to use the system. You can be up and running in no time!

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HealthNEXUS Overview

HealthNEXUS Overview

Get more detail on the HealthNEXUS catalogue management solution, and how it can help you manage your catalogue data in a smart and compliant way, and take your supply chain and customer experience to the next level.

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