€65+ billion

of healthcare supply chain spend
traded through the
GHX Global Exchange platform
in the past 12 months.

Get connected.

Automate your supply chain by joining the largest healthcare trading platform in the world.

GHX Exchange Services have been designed for swift transmission of electronic business documents in the healthcare supply chain - including purchase orders, purchase order acknowledgements, advance shipping notices and invoices. Get greater visibility of the status of your orders and if they are not processed rapidly our customer service support team are on hand to help. We are continually investing to help ensure that every transaction is fast and accurate. Exchange connects with your existing IT infrastructure, as well as all other GHX systems and is the foundation for gaining control and visibility of your supply chain.

Benefits to hospitals and GPOs

GHX Exchange Services is the foundation for optimising your supply chain - before you take control of your stock and data you need to be trading electronically. With GHX Exchange Services, you can drive your business processes from manually intensive fax, phone and email ordering and manual processing of invoices to electronic documents that connect directly with your hospital systems.

Healthcare transactions made easier

Connecting to your current ERP system, GHX Exchange Services allow you to send out your purchase orders and receive return documents automatically and seamlessly. Log in to a simple user interface for real-time visibility of the status of your orders. GHX Exchange Services intelligently routes orders, meaning they go in the correct formats as per your suppliers' requirements.

Implementing GHX Exchange Services

Because of the size of our community in healthcare, the chances are we have already worked with a system set up like yours. We have an established and effective standard set of procedures and processes to connect our Exchange platform with the most common ERP systems in a seamless manner. Contact us to find out more.

Kath. St-Johannes

Kath. St-Johannes

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Integrated healthcare eCommerce

We provide a fast, integrated and scalable eCommerce platform that manages your supply chain - purchase to pay or order to cash - along with a series of intelligent tools and rules that help you undertake even some of the most complex healthcare transactions electronically.