Data Optimisation




200,000 items in a typical hospital catalogue
need maintaining and enriching on a regular basis for an efficient and compliant supply chain.

Keep on top of this with GHX.

Quality data is essential for an optimised and compliant supply chain

We have a dedicated and experienced team who will cleanse all the product information in your catalogues and classify them according to the latest standards (e.g., NHS-eClass). We will also enrich the data, adding attributes where necessary and remove duplicate data as required. We can offer this as a one-off service or on an ongoing basis, if your data is changing frequently.

Benefits to hospitals and GPOs

Rich data is at the heart of an optimised supply chain. Making sure that your data is clean before it is integrated with other systems is good practice and keeps your processes running smoothly. By having clean and enriched data, you can reduce errors on all sides and improve the quality of management information, to help you make informed decisions.  

Valuable healthcare data you can trust

How it works

Provide us with your catalogue and our expert data analysts will go through it line by line, checking it and advising what action needs to be taken to improve it. This is an entirely bespoke service as everyone's catalogue and information are at different stages of completeness. Our experts are focused solely on healthcare data and help you meet the requirements of your country - the standards, attributes and formats needed to be compliant. Contact us to find out more.


The perfect service to complement NEXUS

If you have NEXUS, our cloud-based catalogue solution, then this is the perfect complementary service. If you are concerned about the quality of your data and are worried that it is missing key information needed to make it compliant, then our experts can review it as it is loaded to NEXUS and on an ongoing basis to keep it clean.