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GHX Business Continuity & Safety Measures Update

date: 13 March 2020

We understand concerns about COVID-19 (the new coronavirus) are top of mind for every member of the healthcare community. Our top priority is the safety and well being of our customers, employees and the patients we serve. As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, we have created this informational hub as a resource for sharing timely updates as it relates to GHX Europe business operations. Enter your email address to receive the latest information.

GHX takes seriously our role in preparing ourselves and our communities for potential disruptions, upholding our civic duty to help prevent further outbreaks and continuing all GHX services to ensure the effectiveness of our global healthcare network. To this end, we are adopting the below proactive measures.

Following Expert Health & Safety Guidance

  • GHX has formed a Task Force that meets daily to assess new information and respond accordingly. 
  • Staff have been educated on the World Health Organization’s recommendations for hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Disinfectants and cleaning supplies that meet recommended guidelines have been made widely available across all offices.
  • Staff have been encouraged to stay home if they are experiencing symptoms of illness of any kind.

Limiting Exposure via Travel Policies

  • Business travel to all but the most critical domestic needs has been advised against, including travel between European offices. Travel to high-risk locations such as North Italy has been restricted.
  • Staff who have visited any high-risk countries have been advised they will need to undergo 14-day self-quarantine before returning to the office.
  • Staff have been encouraged to maximise video conferencing in lieu of in-person meetings. Additionally, they have been equipped with the tools, equipment and plans needed to work remotely should the need arise.

Ensuring Business Continuity Plans Minimise Risk

  • Business continuity plans have been rigorously tested against a variety of scenarios and have founds GHX’s products, services and systems are well-equipped for possible disruption.
  • GHX staff can operate, support and collaborate from any location worldwide, if need be.
  • Critical technology vendors and partners have collaborated with GHX on readiness plans in the event of a possible disruption that affects service available or production datacenter locations. No downtime or impact on customers is expected.
  • GHX will continue to assess internal and third-party services to ensure continuity plans are aligned with customer needs.
  • Location-specific business continuity plans are in place.

We continue to monitor and follow guidance from the public health experts and local governments in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the UK. We are committed to remaining transparent and keeping you informed of any changes to our approach via this page.