Sunset of the GHX Best 50 Award

GHX will sunset the GHX Best 50 award with the 2022 performance year. Reasons for this decision, the timeline and a hint of what’s ahead are outlined below. 

Since 2008, the GHX Best 50 is an award that has annually ranked and identified the top-performing GHX-connected provider organizations based on key supply chain metrics such as purchasing volume, exception rates, exchange utilization and number of trading partner connections during a full calendar year. These key metrics are always viewable in GHX Provider Intelligence.

At the end of each calendar year, across the landscape of 4,100 GHX Exchange-connected providers, organizations are scored and ranked, identifying that year’s GHX Best 50.

Times have changed and so have the metrics by which we can measure. At the inception of Best 50, the healthcare supply chain was in the early days of automation. Performance metrics were limited. Today, supply chain is significantly more automated, data-driven and broad-reaching, giving rise to a comprehensive, refined set of universally accepted “perfect order” metrics that more accurately measure organizational performance across the complete procure-to-pay cycle. Accordingly, GHX has made the decision to end the current Best 50 rankings and will adopt perfect order metrics as a foundation for any future performance measurement and ranking.

Some in the GHX community have observed this and expressed the need to adopt a new set of performance metrics. We’ve heard you, we’ve listened, and we think you’ll be excited about what’s to come.

2022 will be the final performance year (January 1 - December 31, 2022) for the GHX Best 50. GHX will notify and announce recipients of the 2022 Best 50 in Q1-2023. This final class will be recognized at GHX Summit 23, May 9-12, 2023, in Chicago.

GHX Exchange-connected organizations have often incorporated Best 50 rankings into their annual OKR process. If this applies to you/your organization, watch for an early December announcement with details on an all-new performance-based annual ranking award.

No. GHX Provider Intelligence is not changing. 

You heard right! But mum is the word until it is officially announced.

In early December, GHX will announce the launch of an all-new performance-based award. This award will measure and rank organizational performance based on best-in-class industry-standardized metrics, measured over a full calendar year. Stay tuned!

P.S. Consider attending the 2023 GHX Summit where a variety of sessions will share best practices for achieving best-in-class performance. 

Sunset of the GHX Best 50 marks a turning point, a validation of advancements made in the business of healthcare. Congratulations to every Best 50 recipient over the years. GHX looks forward to the next chapter of awarding performance success. We think you’ll be excited about what’s to come.

This page will be updated as new award information becomes available. For questions, contact your GHX representative.