Highlights from 2015

General Sessions:

Eric GreitansWhy it Takes the Heart and the Fist
Eric Greitens, Former Navy SEAL, Founder of The Mission Continues, and Best-Selling Author
Ron BrownsteinThe Affordable Care Act at 5: An Insider’s Look at What’s Next
Ron Brownstein, Editorial Director for Strategic Partnerships, Atlantic Media Company
Iam MorrisonThe Innovation Imperative: Can You Keep Up, or Are You Just Up at Night?
Ian Morrison, Healthcare Futurist

Leadership Workshops:

  • The Value of UDI Adoption: An End-to-End Supply Chain Perspective (for providers and suppliers)
  • The Compliant Supply Chain: From Sourcing to Operations (for providers)
  • CQO: From the Inside Out  (for providers and suppliers)

Breakout Sessions:

  • The Ebola Crisis: A Lesson in Supply Chain and Clinical Integration  (for providers)
  • From Cost to Revenue and Beyond: Innovation and the Changing Nature of Supply Chain  (for providers and suppliers)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Surviving and Thriving during Transition  (for suppliers)
  • EHRs and the Item Master: The Combination to Unlocking the Secrets of Profitability  (for providers)
  • Re-engineering Value Analysis: Patient Centric and Outcomes Driven  (for providers and suppliers)
  • You are What You Measure: Enhancing the Value of Trading Partner Relationships  (for providers and suppliers)