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2017 Venue

Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa, Las Vegas, NV
This upscale casino resort is 2 miles from the Red Rock Canyon National Recreation area and 11 miles from Las Vegas Strip.
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GHX 2017 Healthcare Supply Chain Summit
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Monday, May 7 - Wednesday, May 9, 2018 
Red Rock Resort  |   Las Vegas, NV

2018 Healthcare Supply Chain Summit

More than 800 professionals find supply chain inspiration.

Since the year 2000, the Healthcare Supply Chain Summit by GHX has been the go-to event for organizations seeking to advance their supply chain expertise, build long-term strategy and learn best practices from industry leaders. Among trading partners and peers in this one-of-a-kind collaborative environment, providers, suppliers, distributors and GPOs network and learn how to solve costly supply chain inefficiencies. How? By leveraging new technologies, adopting modern processes and implementing best practices.

Attendees represent all supply chain functions and from organizational levels, from strategic to tactical. Together, we can deliver healthcare more efficiently.

It’s the healthcare supply chain event you won’t want to miss.

Why Attend?

An ideal setting to build relationships across the industry. Get to know your peers, your customers, your suppliers, industry leaders and GHX.


Industry experts share their knowledge. Award-winning organizations share their supply chain success stories, best practices and lessons learned. Technology experts demonstrate how to adopt new technologies and leverage data empowering decision-making.


Beyond networking, here’s your chance to exchange ideas with trading partners and find mutually beneficial solutions for achieving cost savings in key supply chain functions including content, contracting, procurement, vendor sourcing, compliance and credentialing.


Enjoy your time in the Las Vegas area. Past year's events have featured Shhh parties, live bands and much more!

Have Fun!

Registration & Venue

Don’t miss the largest event for healthcare supply chain leaders
Early Registration
(through 1/26/18)
(effective 1/27/18)
Fee covers materials, meals (Monday breakfast through Wednesday breakfast) and GHX-contracted shuttle transportation between Red Rock Resort and McCarran International Airport (LAS)
Registration Opening Soon

Red Rock Resort

11011 W. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89135

Room block rate: $210/night plus tax (inclusive of $25.99 resort fee)

The Red Rock Resort room block will open early January 2018. When it opens, GHX will email the reservation link and room block details to current registrants.

Who Attends

All healthcare supply chain stakeholders:

From every level of the organization:
Individual Contributors

What's Covered

EDI & Automation
Contracting & Price Alignment
Credentialing & Compliance
Global Data Standards / UDI
Content / Item Master
Mergers & Acquisitions
Business Intelligence
Payment Solutions

GHXcellence Awards

This year’s top performing, and most forward-thinking, organizations and individuals were recognized for their commitment to healthcare supply chain excellence.

Who made it to the stage this year?
Learn what it takes to win and view the winners

2017 Highlights

Summit20 talks

Summit20 - Credentialing Your Business Partners (10:02)
Summit20 - Bringing Visibility to Purchased Services (9:43)
Summit20 - Privacy Rule: How Should You Approach Your Business Associate Management? (20:27)
Summit20 - Generate Savings Through Accounts Payable (16:05)
Summit20 - Price Alignment – The Elephant in the Room (13:17)
Summit20 - What Are Your Receivables Costing You? (21:44)
Summit20 - Open the Door to Rapid Issue Resolution with Collaboration on My Exchange (10:03)
Summit20 - Implant and Consignment Transaction Management 2.0 (20:15)
Summit20 - The Science Behind Price Exception Reduction: Improving the PO to Payment Process (12:57)
Summit20 - A Holistic Approach to Effective Vendor Management (15:11)
Summit20 - Consolidating Multiple MMIS Systems to a Single Virtual Item Master (5:12)
Summit20 - Leveraging eProcurement Shopping to Drive Transactional Efficiency (19:46)
Summit20 - New GHX My Exchange: OMG My Process is Now Broken — How Do I Use this New Tool? (9:26)
Summit20 - Aligning Item Master to Charge Master (14:51)
Summit20 - When a Lack of Resources is Holding You Back ()
Summit20 - Maximizing Transaction Automation in Your Organization (18:30)
Summit20 - Uncovering Your Blind Spots with Business Intelligence (12:32)
Summit20 - User Driven Notifications – Better for You, Better for Your Business (12:28)
Summit20 - Automating Your Chargeback and Rebate Process: How Do I Actually Do It? (16:31)
Summit20 - How to Truly Manage Your Contracts and Compliance (21:08)
Summit20 - Increasing Supplier Diversity to Drive Positive Economic Impact (21:20)

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Awesome. The content was extremely helpful for me. I enjoyed meeting GHX and other providers/suppliers.

— 2015 Summit Attendee
The awards luncheon was really great — a highlight. I thought the speakers overall were very good and the Summit was one of the best I've attended.

— 2016 Summit Attendee
Good info in just the right amounts to digest. Nicely done!

— 2017 Summit Attendee
Awesome speaker and gets the brain turning towards innovative ways...

— 2017 Summit Attendee
Kickoff was awesome! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Excited for new My Exchange.

— 2017 Summit Attendee
Very informative and inspiring.

— 2017 Summit Attendee
It was a very well-done event.

— 2017 Summit Attendee
Really enjoyed the entertainment and socializing.

— 2017 Summit Attendee
Fantastic workshop! Taking the lessons learned & implementing for my customer experience project! Thank you!

— 2017 Summit Attendee
The GHX Summit was amazing! The workshops and Summit20 Talks were engaging and informative.

— 2017 Summit Attendee
GHX knocked it out of the park again. Another excellent conference. I appreciate your continued support to collaboratively bring providers and suppliers together. This conference continues to be the most valued conference I attend.

— — 2017 Summit Attendee