The Healthcare Supply Chain Summit by GHX | GHX

2017 Venue

Gaylord National Resort, National Harbor, MD
A spectacular waterfront resort with stunning 19-story glass atrium and sweeping views of the Potomac River, and just 8 miles south of the nation’s capital.
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2017 Healthcare Supply Chain Summit

Monday, April 24 - Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Gaylord National Resort   |   National Harbor, Maryland



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More than 800 professionals find supply chain inspiration.

Since the year 2000, the Healthcare Supply Chain Summit by GHX has been the go-to event for organizations seeking to advance their supply chain expertise, build long-term strategy and learn best practices from industry leaders. Among trading partners and peers in this one-of-a-kind collaborative environment, providers, suppliers, distributors and GPOs network and learn how to solve costly supply chain inefficiencies. How? By leveraging new technologies, adopting modern processes and implementing best practices.

Attendees represent all supply chain functions and from organizational levels, from strategic to tactical. Together, we can deliver healthcare more efficiently.

Mark your calendar. It’s the healthcare supply chain event you won’t want to miss.

Why Attend?

An ideal setting to build relationships across the industry. Get to know your peers, your customers, your suppliers, industry leaders and GHX.


Industry experts share their knowledge. Award-winning organizations share their supply chain success stories, best practices and lessons learned. Technology experts demonstrate how adopt new technologies and leverage data empowering decision-making.


Beyond networking, here’s your chance to exchange ideas with trading partners and find mutually beneficial solutions for achieving cost savings in key supply chain functions including content, contracting, procurement, vendor sourcing, compliance and credentialing.


Enjoy your time in the DC area. Past year's events have featured Shhh parties, live bands and much more!

Have Fun!
Who Attends

All healthcare supply chain stakeholders:

From every level of the organization:
Individual Contributors

What's Covered

EDI & Automation
Contracting & Price Alignment
Credentialing & Compliance
Global Data Standards / UDI
Content / Item Master
Mergers & Acquisitions
Business Intelligence

2016 Highlights

The Learning Pavilion helped me find additional information about a product that I saw in one of the sessions. The presentation was excellent, but it was nice to be able to see the product more in depth in the Learning Pavilion also.

— 2016 Summit Attendee
The Learning Pavilion was a great idea. While it allowed folks like me to get a feel for your products the discussions I observed with GHX users was also helpful both for them and myself.

— 2016 Summit Attendee
Another great GHX event. They keep getting better and better. I found the higher number of providers participating and sharing lessons-learned of great value.

— 2016 Summit Attendee
Another great Summit — keep up the good work! My peers at work and my boss (CFO) were impressed with the caliber of speakers, as well as the role suppliers play in the Summit (as attendees with valuable input - not as salesmen).

— 2016 Summit Attendee
The event was incredible. Events like this do almost as much to bring the providers and suppliers together, and improve the supply chain, as the actual automation does.

— 2016 Summit Attendee
The event was well laid out, easy to navigate, and the GHX associates were very helpful and knowledgeable. I also think the Shhh Party was a great success, especially the headphones. That was a fantastic idea to allow a mixture of networking and party like atmosphere in the same space.

— 2016 Summit Attendee
Great event. Always take away learning that can be applied in my organization to improve quality and efficiency.

— 2016 Summit Attendee
Really liked the mobile app — thanks!

— 2016 Summit Attendee
Best GHX meeting that I have attended!

— 2016 Summit Attendee
The awards luncheon was really great — a highlight. I thought the speakers overall were very good and the Summit was one of the best I've attended.

— 2016 Summit Attendee
Excellent conference.

— 2016 Summit Attendee
I can’t say enough about the information, inspiration and motivation that I got out of the event. From the friendly, helpful and informative GHX personnel to the provider presenters and the inspiring guest speakers the event was a huge success for me… I just loved it!!!!

— 2016 Summit Attendee
I had the BEST time at the Summit and have already marked my calendar for next year. The sessions were awesome...

— 2016 Summit Attendee