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Reduce Inventory and Costs with Lowest Unit of Measure Distribution

James LeRoy Sourcing Operations Manager, Seattle Children's Hospital

Jarod Otto Director of Supply Chain, Seattle Children's Hospital

Oct 21 2014

Learn how Seattle Children's Hospital made significant sourcing and supply chain operational improvements by leveraging GHX tools with their low unit of measure Demand Flow delivery system. Demand Flow is a two-bin system that uses visual triggers to provide the right supplies, to the right place, at the right time, at the right cost. The previous state was an unreliable mixture of hoarded goods, disorganized carts, and extraneous clinical search time. Seattle Children's developed the program to remove the end user from the supply management business while optimizing sourcing and delivery operations to support a just-in-time system. This focus on standard work, automation and innovation has led to a true partnership between clinical staff and Seattle Children's Supply Chain.

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