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Price Alignment in Healthcare – It Takes a Community

Debra Gelman Vice President, Channel Operations, CareFusion

Del Jackson Vice President, Contract Operations, Premier Health Alliance

Dena Jackson Director, Supply Chain, Anne Arundel Medical Center

Steve Inacker President, Hospital Sales and Services, Medical Segment, Cardinal Health

Mar 16 2015

Inconsistent, inaccurate pricing has plagued the healthcare supply chain for years, resulting in increased costs for all constituents. Join executives who represent all sides of the healthcare supply chain (GPOs, manufacturers, distributors and providers) to gain their perspective regarding how the lack of price synchronization has impacted their business and why the time is now to collaborate and address the root cause of price misalignment. These business leaders discuss the ways in which their businesses are being impacted by issues around contract and price synchronization, and help attendees understand their current environment and learn what they’re doing to align tools and processes to address the root cause of price discrepancies in the healthcare Industry. This in-depth discussion features a moderator-led question and answer session with the panelists and audience members.

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